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State of Man’s New Street team Incentives: win free stay in a 4-5 star resort!

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RE: “State of Man” Street team incentives

Dear Fans & Street Team:

State of Man would like to thank you first and foremost for your efforts on the State of Man Online Street Team and Fan Club up to this point. We are really excited about what the future holds and recognize that you are a HUGE part of that success. In recognition of that fact, we have mapped out a new rewards system that includes a mix of cash rewards and points toward prizes for participating in missions throughout the year. One of the prizes we will offer is a week’s stay* at a 4 or 5 star resort for the street team member (and a friend) with the most points at the end of 12 months!!! …. sound good?…read on

Every month SOM will be launching Type 1 and/or Type 2 missions. These missions will vary in goal and compensation but they are structured as follows:

Type 1 Missions:
1 monthly mission each month that will run the duration of the month (12 of these per year). These missions will drive music sales, build the street team and fan list. SOM will announce the specific goal and related comp. at the beginning of each month

Comp for these missions can be prizes and/or $5 to $50 cash to the street team member with the most clicks or whatever we are using to measure at the time. Each mission will carry a point-based system for awards also so that we can award the top five achievers for each mission… For ex. Top place will get 5 points, 2nd place 4 points etc..all the way to 5th place

Type 2 Missions:
These can run as often as we need but typically no more than 2 a month with a cash reward that mirrors the type 1 mission. The example here is the FFF show promotion running right now. Again we would also provide points here for the top 5.

*At the end of the year we will tally up the points and the street team member with the most points will get be able to take themselves and a friend or 2 (location permitting) for a week (7 days) vacation paid for at a 4 or 5 star resort destination that could be stateside or overseas depending on individual but we will work with them to choose (Selection will be made through GRN resort networks and will be approved by SOM) You would still need to pay for your own airfare/ food incidentals etc but the value would still be well over $1000-$3000

The time has never been better to be on the SOM street team and we are excited to have you aboard! We will also be organizing special event and merchandise discounts for all street team members so even if you don’t get the most points you will still be eligible to meet the band and attend special events just for YOU! Heather and or James will announce those events as they are being organized. Please feel free to contact heather our street team coordinator at stcoordinator [at] or James at james [at] We hope to see each and everyone of you real soon and if you aren’t on the State of Man Street Team yet,  Join NOW HERE!

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