Joining a State of Man Street Team Mission – easy as A-B-C

Joining the State of Man Street Team allows you to earn cash rewards and points toward merch, VIP access and other cool prizes (like a paid weeklong stay at a 4-5 star resort)! Simply set up a FREE profile on Reverb Nation, join the SOM Street Team and then “join” an active mission.

Here are the ABC’s of how you do it:

– Click “join now” at the top left corner of
– Fill out about 12 fields/ line items so that you can activate your profile.
– Check your e-mail for a mssg from RN and click the link to activate your account.

VOILA! Now you are ready to get Rocking!!


i. Click HERE


– Type in “State of Man” in the search field at the top left of your ReverbNation page.
– Click on the State of Man profile in the search results
– Click on the “Street Team” tab in the middle of the Sate of Man profile and input your e-mail as well as opt in for the street team via the check box.

– Click on the current mission under “street team” tab and that will bring up the details of the current mission.
– Click the little “Join” button
– Click the “select resource” button.
– This will bring up a pop up window with the choose which social communities you’d like to and/or simply copy the code to post wherever you wish.

This code will be unique to you and allow us to track how well you are doing…

OK- lets get started!

Any questions please e-mail stcoordinator [at] or james [at]

Thanks again and we thank you for your continued support! We look forward to RAWKING with you real soon!!
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