Stocking Stuffer State of Man CD drive & Holiday Cash Mission

Dear Fans

This is an exciting time as we roll into December and the Holiday Season. We wanted to kick things into to hi gear for our street team by giving you the opportunity help sell State of Man’s full length album, “Both Sides of The Story” by participating in our “Stocking Stuffer” holiday mission and earn cash for every cd sold!! (not to mention points for participating!)..Sky is the limit, the more people you drive to our cd purchase page that buy the more you make!

Here’s how it works:
Join the mission “Stocking Stuffer”
Select resource (this is a banner that directs people to our cdbaby album page)
Tell people that you send to be sure to reference your name in the “referral/ how did you hear about SOM” field at cdbaby
You earn $1 for every CD sold (Must be verified in referral field)!!!
You will also earn 5 points for simply joining the mission in addition to the points award for placing 1st-5th

We will tally up the numbers for points and cd’s sold at the end of the month(12-30), award points and cut checks on the 15th of January. We can also transfer money through paypal so take your pick!

Bottom line is it pays to be on the winning team! The State of Man “Online Street Team”

Happy Holidays

State of Man

Find out why “Swallow Your fears” hit #10 on the Billboard Charts and why the full album has a 5 out of 5 star average rating on iTunes——-Click the banner below to buy the album—-scroll down to learn about the band

Learn more about State of Man @ ReverbNation


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