V-Log: State of Man TV Episode 1 – Poop on a bus

In this first episode of State of Man TV, don’t miss:

  • an MTV Cribs style tour of the tour bus, hotel rooms and more
  • someone gets food poisoning
  • someone poops on the bus
  • the band performs a show in the “hood” and meets the “king of dade city”
  • enjoys an impromptu, camp-fire style jam session with Willie Joe, Lady X and others!

This and plenty more in this installment! Visit www.stateofmanmusic.com to keep up with the band!


One Response to “V-Log: State of Man TV Episode 1 – Poop on a bus”

  1. stateofman Says:

    John from SOM here… this was a cool Florida tour and we had a great time with all the other urban artists that went with us – Rock City (now on Akon’s Label), Willie Joe (still doing big things on the East and West coast), Fort knoxx, Lady X and several others! Much love to all those we met along the ride.. and yes, the poop on the bus really did smell like warm crap on a humid, hot day! lol … and the air freshener was an awful touch! Too much fun watching this again!

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