State of Man Hits #15 on the Rock Charts ReverbNation

Atlanta Rock Band, State of Man, hits #15 on the Rock Charts for ReverbNation amongst world renowned artist and indie’s alike. ReverbNation has been riding a wave of success as one of the fastest growing music sites in the world!! Alexa ranks Reverb as one of the top traffic sites in the world hitting 20,008 on here [Reverb rank Alexa] for details. Check out State of Man’s shows, music, videos and more on their profile here: ReverbNation. This is also a great place to find multitudes of talented up and coming artists from all over the world. Be sure to download the FREE copy of State of Man’s Billboard Charting single “Swallow Your Fears” while you are there… Until next time.

Your friends,

State of Man

Find out why “Swallow Your fears” hit #10 on the Billboard Charts and why the full album has a 5 out of 5 star average rating on iTunes——-Click the banner below to buy the album—-

State of Man is a Billboard charting rock band that is giving away free music for the band’s hit single, “Swallow Your Fears,” at   View the music video for the hit single through Billboard here: Billboard | Check out the band on ReverbNation here: ReverbNation


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