State of Man Featured on Japanese web radio

State of Man continues to expand their presence online and overseas with their latest inclusion being on japanese web and podcast radio platform Music Islands. “Swallow Your Fears” is the featured track and can be downloaded for FREE at This was the track that hit #10 on the Billboard Charts for hot 100 singles sales US. Take advantage of the FREE download. You can also take advantage of the FREE ringtone of “Be Still My Heart” at myxertones right now for a limited time. Myxer had this to say about Be Still:

“If ever a band was built for super-stardom, it was State of Man. These radio-friendly, Hotlanta pop-rockers are on the cusp of seriously blowin’ up! Soulful, uplifting lyrics meet with monster, crescendo-building tracks to create a sound that is completely mesmerizing! Currently, the boys are gigging relentlessly, and if you’re anywhere in the South during the next few months, you must catch S.O.M. live so they can literally rock your socks off! Check out their hit, “Be Still My Heart” and you’ll be hooked instantly!”

thomas video
Find out why “Swallow Your fears” hit #10 on the Billboard Charts and why the full album has a 5 out of 5 star average rating on itunes——-Click the banner below to buy the album—-


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