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Help Petition President Barack Obama to support the Arts

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AP photo of Barack Obama on

AP photo of Barack Obama on

We received this info from  Moses Avalon’s newsletter and thought it was well worth sharing.  We’d hope people – just like YOU – who participate in the Arts as creators or appreciators to sign this petition and share it with friends!

“Announcement: Dear Friends, Quincy Jones has started a petition to ask President Obama to appoint a Secretary of the Arts.  While many other countries have had Ministers of Art or Culture for centuries, The United States has never created such a position. We in the arts need this and the country needs the arts–now more than ever. Please take a moment to sign this important petition and then pass it on to your friends and colleagues:

Thanks for your help!


Fender Road Worn Series (60′s Stratocaster and more)

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Please note that the views expressed below are solely that of the author (Thomas Panza), which may or may not be held by other members of the band!

Fender Road Worn Tele

Fender Road Worn Telecaster

Knowing that both John and I have rocked a Fender electric on stage, I found this story to be quite interesting and exciting. On January 2, 2009, Musician’s Friend announced the launch of  Fender’s Road Worn guitar series, which portrays a guitar that has been rocked out and loved for years. The new series will debut at Winter NAMM 2009, a music trade show, on January 15-18th. The pre-order process has already begun and they plan on shipping on the highly anticipated guitars in the next few weeks.

So what is the fuss about Fender’s Road Worn? Well, many of the guitarists who have tested it, were drawn to its comfort and “broken in” feel. According to Musician’s Friend, the new series “incorporates vintage specs without the hefty price tag”. In addition, “each guitar is shipped in perfect playing condition, though it wears the scars of life on the road.” One look at these guitars, and you can immediately sense how much they’ve gone through (countless gigs, touring, hot stage lights etc…).

As of right now, Fender has created five models that include two Stratocaster models, a Telecaster, a Precision Bass, and a Jazz Bass. From what I’ve heard, each one of these guitars/basses sound AMAZING. From the pick-ups to the look and feel of it, this guitar was made to be rocked out!

If you see me rocking one (or if Fender wants to send me one) you’ll know all about the story.  And if you try one out, we would love to hear your thoughts/experience!

– Thomas

Win $125 cash plus tickets

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$125 could be  yours

$125 could be yours

If you’re not already part of the street team, now’s a great time to join.  The next few months we’re revving up for the release of our new album, and we could really use your help spreading the word.  We’ve got lots of great prizes that you can earn such as cash, tickets to upcoming shows, opportunities to hang with the band, and even a grand prize of an iPod Touch.

The first mission of the year (going on until Feb. 13, 2009) is our own “economic stimulus plan” for SOM fans! Just go to the Official State of Man Street Team, and join the latest mission.  The top friend collector will receive $125 cash.  Plus everyone who gets at least three new people to join the street team will receive a pair of guest list tickets for the next show they attend.

Visit the State of Man’s Street Team at and sing up for the mission today!

How Can Music Save the World? Starting with children

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Please note that the views expressed below are solely that of the author (John Stringer), which may or may not be held by other members of the band!

Children Drumming at Inner Harbour

Children Drumming at Inner Harbour

How Can Music Save the World?

That’s a heavy question to start the New Year off with.  One way I think music is helping to save the world is through helping children HEAL.   Here are just a few noteworthy examples:

I received this great video about music helping to sooth and heal those in a children’s hospital in San Francisco. The video showed that the kids who were making the music and listening to the soul of the sounds felt a renewed spirit, smiled and got much needed rest.

Thanks to an invitation from local humanitarian, music supporter and State of man friend Don Astin, I recently had the pleasure of performing for children at Inner Harbour, an amazing psychiatric residential treatment facility in Douglasville, GA for troubled adolescents and children.  The facility works with Don to bring in artists to perform for the children and inspire them in addition to other programs that include music.

I enjoyed performing for and sharing my life story with the kids and they asked some insightful questions as well as courageously shared a little about themselves.  The kids were just as amazing as the staff I spoke with and I hope to return with the full band soon.

Here is an excerpt from their site to describe a little of what they do:

By coordinating unique therapeutic programs with classroom activities and wilderness experiences, we are able to help young people develop trust, build self-esteem and become receptive to the intensive psychiatric treatment they receive.

Our programs work. For many of our clients, Inner Harbour is their last resort, yet after discharge, most of our patients are either back in school or gainfully employed, as evidenced by our ongoing surveys.

I also found out about the Purple Songs Can Fly Project, today. The project, in Austin, Texas, has opened a recording studio inside one of the country’s largest pediatric cancer care facilities. It gives patients a chance to record their own songs in a fully equipped recording studio at the hospital.

According to an MSN report, there have been over 116 songs already recorded since the program began in March. This is a truly remarkable program that gives these kids a fighting chance to not only be heard but remember what it was like to have the creativity and freedom of making music.

Songs For Kids Foundation is an excellent non-profit in Atlanta, GA who’s goal is to enrich the lives of children in need through music.   Founded by Atlanta Humanitarian Josh Rifkind, the foundation hosts a hugely popular fund raiser at Smith’s Old Bar in Atlanta, GA called 500 Songs For Kids where 500 DIFFERENT ARTISTS hit the stage to perform 500 of the MOST PASSIONATE SONGS of all time.

Past performers have included Cee-Lo of Gnarles Barkley, Angie Aparo, Arrested Development, Pete Stroud, Janelle Monae, Edwin McCain, Drivin’ n’ Cryin’, Pete Yorn, Mute Math, Butch Walker and of course State of Man!

As the website explains:

We bring musicians year round to hospitals, special needs kids camps, and all places where kids are in need

Visit the site’s multimedia page to view some of the past performances!

The power behind using music as a healing device goes deep and we (State of Man) respect that.  With every song we make we are healing ourselves, with our lyrics, the music, the memories and the friends and family we make along the way.  Music can change the world and I bet it has changed your life.

How has music changed your life?

No More Dread Loc(k)s for State of Man

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Time for a change.. a new revolution?  You say “Locs,” I say “Locks”.   Whichever the case, State of Man is now Dread loc(k)less.  See how and why John Stringer (front man for State of Man) cut his locks off:

What we got for Christmas?

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We all got the Flip Video by Pure Digital Technology

We all got the Flip Video

Hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Festivus celebration as we did.

One of the most rewarding measures of the Holiday season is what you GIVE, and we can tell you that among other things, we gave some serious time, energy and heart into our studio sessions as a gift to ourselves, families and friends the world over! We can’t wait until you unwrap your new State of Man CDs this Summer!

Now, here is a list of gifts we each got and loved:

– New designer shoes and boots
– Flip Video camera
– Borders Gift Card
– Macy’s Gift Card
– 16pc Drinking Glasses set
– 4 CD U2 Set
– iTunes Card
– Book of Inspirational Quotes
– Kitchen towels and pot holder set
– Raw Almonds (John’s favorite snack)
– A home-made card
– A new hair style (gift to self)

– Clothes
– Digital picture frame
– Flip Video Camera
– 1 free night / baby sitting pass
– China / plates
– Vox Amp

– Framed Pictures of guitars
– DVD of the movie “snatch”
– Piece of wall art
– Box of chocolates
– Flip Video Camera
– 2 iTunes cards

– Flip Video Camera
– A, NFL sized football
– The “SHAMWOW” towels
-Spent time with my Mom and family
– Navy Seal Push Up things
– Hope to get an iPhone and a Mac Book Pro this year

Why We Can’t Wait for January 20th

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Will the Barack Obama Administration put its money where its mouth is?

Will the Barack Obama Administration put its money where its mouth is? Photo by AP (file)

Even though our lives have been exciting to say the least, as things are wrapping up in the studio, it is important to acknowledge the current political developments in our country and our hopes for the . We each have different opinions within the band about politics, about this year’s election results and Barack Obama‘s upcoming inauguration on January 20th.    Some of us are delighted and some are disappointed with the new direction he has proposed for the United States.  No doubt our fans hold just as diverse opinions. This diversity is one of the great things about this band and our country, but perhaps we’ll save that topic for a future post.

Despite our diverse political perspectives, it is safe to say that like most of you, we share common hopes for 2009.  We want safety for our families and future generations of Americans. We want freedom to pursue a good living and the continued opportunity (or new opportunity) to feel good about our lives, our livelihood and our country.

Now that Obama is the President-Elect, only time will tell what his legacy will bring. Time will tell whether he understands and recognizes all minorities and lifestyles and knows what it takes to improve upon them. Time will tell whether he will not only acknowledge artists and individuals doing what they love (and sometimes struggling to survive doing it), but whether or not he will make life better for them. Whether or not he possesses the understanding and dedication to remedy any foreseeable problem. Clearly, anyone can speculate on what will or will not happen, but we all have to wait and see.

We all hope January 20, 2009 brings a presidency that brings the best and the highest possible future for everyone. Here some of the specific hopes the members of State of Man hold in common:

1.  We hope Obama puts his “money” where his mouth is when it comes to solving our Country’s existing and future challenges

2.  We’d like to see solutions that stabilize our Economy
3.  We’d like to see Health care solutions that will ensure all Americans can get medical help when they need it
4.  We’d like to see changes in our tax system that everyone can live with – not just Republicans, Democrats and Independents, but all Americans
5.  We’d like to see improvements in Education that ensure our current and future generations gain knowledge that leads them toward truly fulfilling lives
6.  We’d like to see Technological advances further supported
7.  We’d like to see improved efficiency and effectiveness in Government
8.  We’d like to see an administration we can all respect and be proud of. Of course, you can’t please everyone, but you can act with wisdom and integrity (Please note that this is not an indictment of the Bush administration).

9.  We’d like to see our country play a new role in global humanitarian causes like assisting impoverished countries with technology that provides clean water to those who are unable to obtain it on their own. Of course, this is most effective from a platform of Economic stability.
10. We’d like to see continued improvement in racial harmony

Question: What are you most excited for in 2009?

State of Man

(feel free to add your own reasons, disagreements, etc –could be a good conversation starter with some fans, friends, etc)