Why We Can’t Wait for January 20th

Will the Barack Obama Administration put its money where its mouth is?

Will the Barack Obama Administration put its money where its mouth is? Photo by AP (file)

Even though our lives have been exciting to say the least, as things are wrapping up in the studio, it is important to acknowledge the current political developments in our country and our hopes for the . We each have different opinions within the band about politics, about this year’s election results and Barack Obama‘s upcoming inauguration on January 20th.    Some of us are delighted and some are disappointed with the new direction he has proposed for the United States.  No doubt our fans hold just as diverse opinions. This diversity is one of the great things about this band and our country, but perhaps we’ll save that topic for a future post.

Despite our diverse political perspectives, it is safe to say that like most of you, we share common hopes for 2009.  We want safety for our families and future generations of Americans. We want freedom to pursue a good living and the continued opportunity (or new opportunity) to feel good about our lives, our livelihood and our country.

Now that Obama is the President-Elect, only time will tell what his legacy will bring. Time will tell whether he understands and recognizes all minorities and lifestyles and knows what it takes to improve upon them. Time will tell whether he will not only acknowledge artists and individuals doing what they love (and sometimes struggling to survive doing it), but whether or not he will make life better for them. Whether or not he possesses the understanding and dedication to remedy any foreseeable problem. Clearly, anyone can speculate on what will or will not happen, but we all have to wait and see.

We all hope January 20, 2009 brings a presidency that brings the best and the highest possible future for everyone. Here some of the specific hopes the members of State of Man hold in common:

1.  We hope Obama puts his “money” where his mouth is when it comes to solving our Country’s existing and future challenges

2.  We’d like to see solutions that stabilize our Economy
3.  We’d like to see Health care solutions that will ensure all Americans can get medical help when they need it
4.  We’d like to see changes in our tax system that everyone can live with – not just Republicans, Democrats and Independents, but all Americans
5.  We’d like to see improvements in Education that ensure our current and future generations gain knowledge that leads them toward truly fulfilling lives
6.  We’d like to see Technological advances further supported
7.  We’d like to see improved efficiency and effectiveness in Government
8.  We’d like to see an administration we can all respect and be proud of. Of course, you can’t please everyone, but you can act with wisdom and integrity (Please note that this is not an indictment of the Bush administration).

9.  We’d like to see our country play a new role in global humanitarian causes like assisting impoverished countries with technology that provides clean water to those who are unable to obtain it on their own. Of course, this is most effective from a platform of Economic stability.
10. We’d like to see continued improvement in racial harmony

Question: What are you most excited for in 2009?

State of Man

(feel free to add your own reasons, disagreements, etc –could be a good conversation starter with some fans, friends, etc)


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