What we got for Christmas?

We all got the Flip Video by Pure Digital Technology

We all got the Flip Video

Hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Festivus celebration as we did.

One of the most rewarding measures of the Holiday season is what you GIVE, and we can tell you that among other things, we gave some serious time, energy and heart into our studio sessions as a gift to ourselves, families and friends the world over! We can’t wait until you unwrap your new State of Man CDs this Summer!

Now, here is a list of gifts we each got and loved:

– New designer shoes and boots
– Flip Video camera
– Borders Gift Card
– Macy’s Gift Card
– 16pc Drinking Glasses set
– 4 CD U2 Set
– iTunes Card
– Book of Inspirational Quotes
– Kitchen towels and pot holder set
– Raw Almonds (John’s favorite snack)
– A home-made card
– A new hair style (gift to self)

– Clothes
– Digital picture frame
– Flip Video Camera
– 1 free night / baby sitting pass
– China / plates
– Vox Amp

– Framed Pictures of guitars
– DVD of the movie “snatch”
– Piece of wall art
– Box of chocolates
– Flip Video Camera
– 2 iTunes cards

– Flip Video Camera
– A, NFL sized football
– The “SHAMWOW” towels
-Spent time with my Mom and family
– Navy Seal Push Up things
– Hope to get an iPhone and a Mac Book Pro this year


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