How Can Music Save the World? Starting with children

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Children Drumming at Inner Harbour

Children Drumming at Inner Harbour

How Can Music Save the World?

That’s a heavy question to start the New Year off with.  One way I think music is helping to save the world is through helping children HEAL.   Here are just a few noteworthy examples:

I received this great video about music helping to sooth and heal those in a children’s hospital in San Francisco. The video showed that the kids who were making the music and listening to the soul of the sounds felt a renewed spirit, smiled and got much needed rest.

Thanks to an invitation from local humanitarian, music supporter and State of man friend Don Astin, I recently had the pleasure of performing for children at Inner Harbour, an amazing psychiatric residential treatment facility in Douglasville, GA for troubled adolescents and children.  The facility works with Don to bring in artists to perform for the children and inspire them in addition to other programs that include music.

I enjoyed performing for and sharing my life story with the kids and they asked some insightful questions as well as courageously shared a little about themselves.  The kids were just as amazing as the staff I spoke with and I hope to return with the full band soon.

Here is an excerpt from their site to describe a little of what they do:

By coordinating unique therapeutic programs with classroom activities and wilderness experiences, we are able to help young people develop trust, build self-esteem and become receptive to the intensive psychiatric treatment they receive.

Our programs work. For many of our clients, Inner Harbour is their last resort, yet after discharge, most of our patients are either back in school or gainfully employed, as evidenced by our ongoing surveys.

I also found out about the Purple Songs Can Fly Project, today. The project, in Austin, Texas, has opened a recording studio inside one of the country’s largest pediatric cancer care facilities. It gives patients a chance to record their own songs in a fully equipped recording studio at the hospital.

According to an MSN report, there have been over 116 songs already recorded since the program began in March. This is a truly remarkable program that gives these kids a fighting chance to not only be heard but remember what it was like to have the creativity and freedom of making music.

Songs For Kids Foundation is an excellent non-profit in Atlanta, GA who’s goal is to enrich the lives of children in need through music.   Founded by Atlanta Humanitarian Josh Rifkind, the foundation hosts a hugely popular fund raiser at Smith’s Old Bar in Atlanta, GA called 500 Songs For Kids where 500 DIFFERENT ARTISTS hit the stage to perform 500 of the MOST PASSIONATE SONGS of all time.

Past performers have included Cee-Lo of Gnarles Barkley, Angie Aparo, Arrested Development, Pete Stroud, Janelle Monae, Edwin McCain, Drivin’ n’ Cryin’, Pete Yorn, Mute Math, Butch Walker and of course State of Man!

As the website explains:

We bring musicians year round to hospitals, special needs kids camps, and all places where kids are in need

Visit the site’s multimedia page to view some of the past performances!

The power behind using music as a healing device goes deep and we (State of Man) respect that.  With every song we make we are healing ourselves, with our lyrics, the music, the memories and the friends and family we make along the way.  Music can change the world and I bet it has changed your life.

How has music changed your life?


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  1. […] I was so impressed with the facility and the work they do that I wrote about it on my band blog  here.   Take a look and see how Inner Harbour, along with other orginizations, are using music to help […]

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