Fender Road Worn Series (60′s Stratocaster and more)

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Fender Road Worn Tele

Fender Road Worn Telecaster

Knowing that both John and I have rocked a Fender electric on stage, I found this story to be quite interesting and exciting. On January 2, 2009, Musician’s Friend announced the launch of  Fender’s Road Worn guitar series, which portrays a guitar that has been rocked out and loved for years. The new series will debut at Winter NAMM 2009, a music trade show, on January 15-18th. The pre-order process has already begun and they plan on shipping on the highly anticipated guitars in the next few weeks.

So what is the fuss about Fender’s Road Worn? Well, many of the guitarists who have tested it, were drawn to its comfort and “broken in” feel. According to Musician’s Friend, the new series “incorporates vintage specs without the hefty price tag”. In addition, “each guitar is shipped in perfect playing condition, though it wears the scars of life on the road.” One look at these guitars, and you can immediately sense how much they’ve gone through (countless gigs, touring, hot stage lights etc…).

As of right now, Fender has created five models that include two Stratocaster models, a Telecaster, a Precision Bass, and a Jazz Bass. From what I’ve heard, each one of these guitars/basses sound AMAZING. From the pick-ups to the look and feel of it, this guitar was made to be rocked out!

If you see me rocking one (or if Fender wants to send me one) you’ll know all about the story.  And if you try one out, we would love to hear your thoughts/experience!

– Thomas


One Response to “Fender Road Worn Series (60′s Stratocaster and more)”

  1. Thanks for letting me know about these guitars, they look awesome! I’ll let you know if I end up getting one!

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