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State of Man Limited Time Music Fire Sale!

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Get your hands on a part of State of Man history!
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Sneak Preview of unreleased State of Man song: “In This Place,”

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Coming Soon: State of Mans new album, In This Place

Coming Soon: State of Man's new album, "In This Place"

State of Man’s new album is complete and we’ve released the title track, “In This Place,” for your streaming pleasure:

Expect other new tracks up until the album release (late Spring – Early Summer ’09).

CBS Atlanta Morning Show Performance

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State of Man performed live acoustic for CBS Atlanta Morning show to promote the upcoming performance at Atlanta tradition “oysterfest” at the SteamHouse lounge’s new location in midtown Atlanta on Feb 21st.. Take a peak at the video below and let us know what you think!

America’s Golden Boy? The Michael Phelps’ Drug Fiasco

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Golden Boy or Fallen Idol?

Michael Phelps: Golden Boy or Fallen Idol?

There is no hiding from the media frenzy that has been surrounding Michael Phelps within the last week or so.  After admitting that a popular photo of him taking a bong rip was actually real, the incredible athlete has felt the consequences.  He has lost sponsorships, a lot of fans and, from some, a great amount of respect.  Some have argued that he doesn’t deserve his gold medals.  Some are simply dumbfounded that such a great athlete would even “try” drugs.  No matter where you stand on the issue, one thing is for sure – you have an opinion.

Celebrities acting “immorally” has been a hot topic for as long as fame existed.  Just look at the careers of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and most recently, Alex Rodriguez.  These people can not do anything without being analyzed and chastised about their decisions.  It’s obvious that nobody is perfect, but when celebrities aren’t perfect, the news reminds us of the notion.  The media gobble up this kind of news because it is interesting and because people like you and I care about these “outstanding people.”

Of course, while none of us would argue that doing drugs isn’t a negative thing, we collectivley have mixed opinions on the whole Michael Phelps situation.  We agree that he should have known better and we understand that he was acting illegally.  We know that he is a role model to the youth in America, so the whole situation brings certain questions to light – Should the public be more understanding?  Do these actions decrease his swimming talents or does that even matter? Was it the right thing to do for the companies that decided to continue to sponsor him?  Was it the right thing to do for companies that canceled their sponsorships?  Should there be a greater line between being a celebrity and being a private human being?

We’d love to hear what you think.

Why I Get Low

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Please note that the views expressed below are solely that of the author (James Beale), which may or may not be held by other members of the band!

James Beale (State of Man) on bass at Atlantis Music Conference

James Beale (State of Man) on bass at Atlantis Music Conference

So, I guess the questions looms: “why/ how did I get into music?” Kind of a funny story actually. I was about 13 at the time and was forming a garage band in my town of Voorhees NJ. I would get together with a couple of friends from the neighborhood and we would crank up our amps to “11”..haha..I took the glorious task of singing (or attempting to) and it was kind of a mess. I remember the bass player wearing his dads military helmet from his tour in Vietnam and the drummer had a tiny kit with the name “Violent Society” scratched onto his kickdrum…so yep, we became the crappiest band in town called Violent society.

It was after our second practice (if you wanna call it that) that we decided that the bass player and I should try to switch up to see if we could make things any better. I guess any improvement was welcome at that time! Well now, I picked up that bass guitar and my life changed forever. I just loved the way it felt and how the strings played. It wasn’t long before I had picked up my first peavey bass and a Peavy TNT 150 bass amp to rehearse on. I started taking lessons religiously and learned how to play a ton of Led Zeppelin songs. (Needless to say I am a huge John Paul Jones fan).

My high school years ended and I went off to college at West Virginia University where I promptly started jamming in a college cover band to make extra cash on the side. The college band turned into something more and eventually I found myself signing a contract to come to Atlanta around the Olympics to open for nationals. So now you know how I got into music and found my way to Atlanta to ultimately meet the guys and put together the band we now call “State of Man”!

No Matter what, Follow your heart and your dreams and the rest will take care of itself!