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Universal/Fontana New Label Signing plus How a rock band makes important decisions

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Check out State of Man in LA visiting Universal/Fontana and James and Chris explaining the important process of making group decisions:


State of Man Radio Tour – New York 95.5 WPLJ and Borders Book Store near prank

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The WPLJ logo from the late 1970's.

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Half of State of Man hit New York’s WPLJ for a radio conference room performance with CO5 Radio Promo VP, Drew Murray.  Ahh yes.. and watch as we turn a prank gone sour into a nice goodbye.

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Sneak Preview #4: Unreleased State of Man song: “The First Time”

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Coming Soon: State of Mans new album, In This Place

Coming Soon: State of Man's new album, "In This Place"

Here is the fourth sneak preview of the new State of Man album, In This Place.   This track is called “The First Time” and is available for your to streaming pleasure at the following link (click the player banner):


Receive advance notice of other track previews prior to the PolyPlat Records album release (May 19 Digital | June 30 ’09 Everywhere) by joining the State of Man newsletter at

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Protected: State of Man Radio Activity

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

New S.O.M Mobile club through Universal Music Group

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We are excited to announce that State of Man has launched a new “official” mobile fan club through our partner Universal Music Group. Fans can sign up by texting “SOM” to 30303 to get all the latest news, ringtones and exclusive fan updates from State of Man. We hope to get all of the latest and greatest updates from the road, the record and band to the fans first through this club. Why wait?..get started today!


By entering your mobile number, you agree to receive SMS messages from Universal Music Group, our affiliates and partners and you are authorized to approve any applicable charges. Your carrier’s standard messaging rates apply. Not available on all carriers. For full details, including how to unsubscribe, go to

“Swallow Your Fears” Fan Feedback – Got a story?

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Compact Disc

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We’ve received so many great emails on how our new single, “Swallow Your Fears,” and our other songs have helped others that we’ve decided to create a dedicated page on (c0ming soon) to share your stories.

Here is just one example that we hope you can appreciate as much as we do:

I don’t think I have ever truly expressed how much your music means to me. Its hard to put into words, I get choked up any time I think of just how much you’ve influenced my life. I think I would have given up on myself a long time ago if it weren’t for a signing you did at Montgomery’s Eastdale Mall back in 2006(ish?). I’d gone out of curiosity, and you convinced me to stay on for a show that night at one of the local bars. I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’ve always struggled a little with depression and I’m slow to put my trust in others, and though both are still a daily struggle, “Swallow Your Fears” has always given me the courage to continue moving forward.

I was floored when I listened to “We All Fall Down” for the first time tonight. I actually cried! Whenever I fall, music is what helps me pick myself up, brush myself off, and keep going. Yours is truly inspirational. Thank you for creating such beautiful songs; they have always helped me stay positive when I needed words of encouragement.

I’m always thinking of you guys and wishing you the best. Oysterfest was fun, I can’t wait ’til our paths cross again. I don’t care how far the drive, ya’ll are worth it! Its always a joy to see ya’ll.

Take care,


If you have a story to share, whether regarding “Swallow Your Fears” or another State of Man song, send it to us at som [at] and we may include it in the dedicated fan feedback page we’re working on.

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State of Man Radio Tour – Airport Blues

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Ahh yes the airport blues. Check out the latest episode of State of Man TV as Thomas and John find themselves missing a flight, catching a flight, changing gates and just generally singing their way to getting onto a joke..check it out

Dont forget to get your copy of the lead single “Swallow Your Fears” available now at your favorite digital retailer. Click here for more: DIGITAL SINGLE