“Swallow Your Fears” Fan Feedback – Got a story?

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We’ve received so many great emails on how our new single, “Swallow Your Fears,” and our other songs have helped others that we’ve decided to create a dedicated page on http://www.stateofmanmusic.com (c0ming soon) to share your stories.

Here is just one example that we hope you can appreciate as much as we do:

I don’t think I have ever truly expressed how much your music means to me. Its hard to put into words, I get choked up any time I think of just how much you’ve influenced my life. I think I would have given up on myself a long time ago if it weren’t for a signing you did at Montgomery’s Eastdale Mall back in 2006(ish?). I’d gone out of curiosity, and you convinced me to stay on for a show that night at one of the local bars. I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’ve always struggled a little with depression and I’m slow to put my trust in others, and though both are still a daily struggle, “Swallow Your Fears” has always given me the courage to continue moving forward.

I was floored when I listened to “We All Fall Down” for the first time tonight. I actually cried! Whenever I fall, music is what helps me pick myself up, brush myself off, and keep going. Yours is truly inspirational. Thank you for creating such beautiful songs; they have always helped me stay positive when I needed words of encouragement.

I’m always thinking of you guys and wishing you the best. Oysterfest was fun, I can’t wait ’til our paths cross again. I don’t care how far the drive, ya’ll are worth it! Its always a joy to see ya’ll.

Take care,


If you have a story to share, whether regarding “Swallow Your Fears” or another State of Man song, send it to us at som [at] stateofmanmusic.com and we may include it in the dedicated fan feedback page we’re working on.

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