About State of Man

A well-crafted rock sound, powerful live shows and Billboard Magazine charting success have gained Atlanta-based rock band State of Man a reputation for being “One of the East coasts premier acts” (Billy Zero | XM Radio).

The band’s music combines driving guitars, soulful vocals, and syncopated bass and drums, resulting in a sound described by Kings of A&R.com as “powerful, yet soulful modern rock/alternative.” State of Man’s full-length debut CD, “Lose Your Mind,” gained the attention of Atlanta platinum producer Rick Beato and multi-platinum, Grammy award winning producer Don McCollister who each recorded tracks for the band’s new full length album, “Both Sides of the Story,” which includes the Billboard Chart Top 10 Hit Single,”Swallow Your Fears.”

The strength of the band’s live show has lead to a healthy domestic and international touring schedule, and a reputation for being “One of the best live bands… period” (Southern Jam Online). Performing at venues and festivals internationally (Japan, Korea, Honduras, Guam, Kwajalein, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Curacao) and across the US, State of Man continues to increase in popularity while touring in support of the full length release “Both Sides of the Story.”
For additional information: http://www.stateofmanmusic.com

“State of Man is a refreshing breath of energy and life that moves through you with every song. From the passion of each word in their lyrics to the strength of their music, State of Man gives you exactly what you want and what you didn’t even know you needed.”
– Cindy Simmons | Star94 (94.1FM Atlanta, GA) Cindy & Ray Show

“One of the East coast’s premier acts.”
– Billy Zero | Director XMU | XM Satellite Radio

“Both Sides of the Story: BEST CD I’ve ever received, and I’ve received thousands… More bang for the buck here than any CD I could name back 20 years… SIMPLY UNSTOPPABLE in its IMPACT.”
– Douglas Newsom | Co-Founder & CEO, BBS Radio.com

“Both Sides of the Story: This is a tremendous record. Best of 2006!”
– Robert Weingart | CEO Airplay Direct

“State of Man: with themes from the real state of mankind, each song from this powerful rock group takes the listener on a journey from the depths of human despair to the heights of divine redemption.”
– John Tweeton | Sven’s World Radio Program Director

“Killer! I can’t think of a better way to describe State Of Man. Relentless energy mixed with incredible talent and dedication to their craft. Watch out world, I hope your ready to get your socks rocked off!”
– Mike Albanese | Promotions Director WVVS V91 (Valdosta, GA)

Find out why “Swallow Your fears” hit #10 on the Billboard Charts and why the full album has a 5 out of 5 star average rating on itunes——-Click the banner below to buy the album—-


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