Please note that the views expressed below are solely that of the author (James Beale), which may not be held by other members of the band!

I think it goes without saying that the internet has changed pretty much all facets of business in one way shape or form, but the music biz has been turned upside down. I wanted to write this entry today because as an indie band with no “label” support, per say, we have to execute all of our own marketing and promotional activities our selves. This has been a forcing mechanism for us to get savvy with online marketing and the available tools out there…and boy let me tell you there are some astounding tools available to indie artists today that never existed even a year ago!… The internet has changed the playing field for how fans find and connect with the artists. It still blows my mind that as I sit here now there are people listening to our music in places like Japan..and buying it to boot!..This new “paradigm”is an undeniable change to the old school record label model and at the same time been a wonderful new advantage for artists and fans alike… No more major labels force feeding you the latest Mariah Carey single because of their enormous marketing muscle and relationships with mainstream media…I mean you can still hear that stuff, but the difference is that you have a choice now…Options = consumer power…I think that as we move forward we will see some new exciting changes that will change the playing field even more in the artists and fans favor… Take indie phenom site ReverbNation, they allow you to connect directly with the artist, view all local talent and shows by your zipcode, buy, interact, help promote any artist, provide an unprecedented set of tools for artists, and a real/equitable artist measurement mechanism for the charts they host.. The old school record label model essentially controlled what content the consumers had access to..the internet has changed that and sites like myspace, reverbnation, ilike, facebook, bebo, Youtube, Myxertones (cool indie ringtone site) and cdbaby are changing all of that… CDbaby is a favorite of mine because it manages a worldwide distribution platform that encompasses physical and digital distribution for artists of any genre.. Lets not forget the majestic itunes! This platform has been a real game changer for not just the artist and fans but the whole industry!!.. These are exciting times and I hope as you read this as an artist or a fan you can realize the potential of the web for whatever suits your needs… I know that for us, State of Man, it is a critical element in our career…sure us charting on the BillBoard Charts and being featured in Rolling Stone etc helped from a PR angle..But lets face it, that was old school…the new school helps us connect with the fans and at the end of the day without fans we are nothing..


smaller/labeled version Cuba
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