State of Man Design Contest: Submit a Rock band T-shirt Design and get paid for sales

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State of Man New TshirtAttention Music Fans, Designers, Entrepreneurs:

Do you have a great idea for a State of Man T-shirt that you think others would like?

Do you have an existing T-shirt design, but don’t have a way to capitalize on it financially?  Well, here is your opportunity.  State of Man is looking for creative designs to use for their merchandise, and if you’re design is selected, you’ll receive a generous 25% of NET for every sale of your work for two full years.

To submit, click here!

There is no entry fee and you can submit unlimited designs for State of Man’s new merchandise consideration.  Get entry details here, and if any of your design(s) are selected, we’ll contact you and get your design up and running. Of course, we’ll feature your design in our online store and give you tools to promote it.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make money and make a name for yourself as a graphic artist with a national rock band  promoting your design.   To submit, click here!

Thanks and look forward to seeing your ideas.

State of Man


The official State of Man iPhone app by ShuffleCould is here!

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State of Man iphone App from ShufflCould

State of Man iPhone App by ShufflCloud

Stay current with the latest events, news, videos, music and social networking feeds from  State of Man with the new FREE State of Man iPhone app developed by ShuffleCloud.

This version includes:

  • Live News feeds from the band
  • Live Twitter and Facebook posts from the band and fans
  • Current Tour Dates and Information
  • Band Biography
  • Exclusive State of Man Videos and Photo Gallery
  • Listen to full length versions of all tracks from “In This Place”
  • Ability to purchase tracks directly from iTunes through the app
  • State of Man Merchandise store
  • Read and follow Message Board posts from State of Man fans.
  • External links to related State of Man sites

Swallow Your Fears taps worldwide exposure on NBC

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State of Man’s single “Swallow Your Fears” snagged worldwide exposure in February 2010 when it was chosen for a  US Winter Olympic figure skating promotion on NBC.  US skater Evan Lysacek was then competing to grab a  spot on the US olympic team and now heralds as the holder of the gold medal for the U.S.A Mens figure skating. The exciting 30 second spot featured Evan and U.S.A. skating duo Belbin & Agosto who were fan favorites throughout the winter games.  Grab your copy of “Swallow Your Fears” on via your favorite digital retailer and/ or through itunes . The music video for Swallow Your Fears can also be found on

The Healing power of a Rock Band’s Music

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Line art drawing of the A note
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We’ve been tucked away and preparing for on onslaught of goodness for you, but we won’t pull the rabbit out the hat just yet.  Stay tuned b/c it will be worth it.

Right now, we wanted to share another one of our favorite fan feedback stories that emphasizes the healing power of music:

It’s Jen Wilson from Eastern! I had to share with you that I was introduced to your band from a client of mine. I work in the mental health field and do in home family therapy… my “connection” to this kid was our taste in music. I pretty much LOVE all genre’s. He shared with me awhile back some music he got off iTunes – and then this facebook craze occurred and I noticed your page, hence the band etc. What a small world!

So now I have been using State of Man’s lyrics in my Music and Movement group that I facilitate. I am the Director of an adult partial care program and we run therapeutic groups for adults that are mentally ill and have issues with substance abuse.

I just felt compelled to share that State of Man has fans in all “walks of life”. Keep doing what your doin’ – – -it’s phenomenal :)

Be well,

Pretty cool, huh?  If you’d like to share why you appreciate State of Man’s music, we’d love to hear form you.  Just go here and thanks in advance for your continued support!

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“You want Answer’s? You can’t Handle the Deuce”… Back to Cuba

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Jack Nicholson - A few Good Men

Jack Nicholson - A few Good Men

“You want Answer’s? You can’t Handle the deuce” – Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men

OK…. that wasn’t exactly Jack Nicholson’s line, but since we’re headed back to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to headline an awesome New Year’s Eve bash for the troops, he told us you needed to hear it just like that!

Why, you ask? Because he told us take “The Deuce” as guest drums to stand on the wall with us!

He went on to say “You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties you want State of Man on that wall.  You need State of Man on that wall!

We use words like “the deuce”, “drums”, “them. We use these words to describe Mike Froedge (doubleDrive, Speed X) and Chris Presta (Soulphood),  who each rocked the State of Man drummer auditions like no one else!  The band has each the time and the inclination to bring them both drummers to The Rock – to rock –  while you rise and sleep under the blanket of the very freedom that the troops they entertain provide!”

‘They are taking two drummers’ you ask? You’re G@% D@%N right they are!”

Down Colonel, down!

We’ve got some other guest musicians as well, so we’ll make sure to get on the list (click here) for a sneak peek.  That’s an order!

Got Cuba?

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Happy holidays,

Thats right, we are off to Cuba (GITMO) in support of our troops to headline a New Years eve BLOWOUT!… and guess what?.. A lucky, qualified drummer (and keyboard player as well), will get the chance to RAWK out with us for thousands of US service men and women in beautiful CUBA! So if you, or you know, a great drummer (and/or keyboard player) who:
1- Is over 18
2- Has a valid passport
3- Can submit a video of themselves playing (2) state of Man songs to our youtube channel by NOV28th

send them to the link below:

Dont forget to get our album for FREE

your friends,

John, James & Thomas

State of Man’s Service2Humanity Tour joins Senior Citizen Services HOMES program of Atlanta on Aug. 1, 2009

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Join State of Man’s Service2Humanity Tour on Aug. 1, 2009 from 9AM – 1PM to assist the HOMES program of Senior Citizen Services in Atlanta, helping a deserving senior couple with home beautification.

Only 25 spaces available, so sign up here today!