Updated Street team member points as of September 10th. Congrats to all of the hard work that our street team members have put in to date. Remember that Points count!! We will be offering special items and opportunities to members once they reach certain point goals (which we will announce through out the year) and the member with the most points at the end of the year will win the week resort stay!! The current street team points are as follows:Name Points

Daniel Dollar    77
stephen lindsey    67
hbomb    45
Shawn ATL    44
Renee7722    13
Point blank girl    16
ange    25
David H-bombs    32
Turner195    10
Michellelovesom    10
Bedlum    15
Josh Kirkland    10
Mijaci    5
mephistress    11
Kafrine Jee    30
X_sarah    10
for beautiful eyes    7
iceman4493    5
dice    5
jjposchner    5
tigerlily6vs7    5
K wesley    20
US Voyager    5
sneferutat2    5
Marcia Hickey    5
Karen_MTL    5
Ryan_Vols    9