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AOL Feature on State of Man visiting Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

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State of Man performat Guantanamo Bay, CubaA new article from AOL on Musicians  touring Guantanamo, Bay profiles musicians like State of Man, Drowning Pool and others who’ve performed for the troops at “Gitmo” and toured the prisons.

The article captures one of State of Man’s favorite stories (in section VI) from 1 of the 5 trips the band made to “Gitmo.”

You can read the full article here:

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“You want Answer’s? You can’t Handle the Deuce”… Back to Cuba

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Jack Nicholson - A few Good Men

Jack Nicholson - A few Good Men

“You want Answer’s? You can’t Handle the deuce” – Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men

OK…. that wasn’t exactly Jack Nicholson’s line, but since we’re headed back to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to headline an awesome New Year’s Eve bash for the troops, he told us you needed to hear it just like that!

Why, you ask? Because he told us take “The Deuce” as guest drums to stand on the wall with us!

He went on to say “You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties you want State of Man on that wall.  You need State of Man on that wall!

We use words like “the deuce”, “drums”, “them. We use these words to describe Mike Froedge (doubleDrive, Speed X) and Chris Presta (Soulphood),  who each rocked the State of Man drummer auditions like no one else!  The band has each the time and the inclination to bring them both drummers to The Rock – to rock –  while you rise and sleep under the blanket of the very freedom that the troops they entertain provide!”

‘They are taking two drummers’ you ask? You’re G@% D@%N right they are!”

Down Colonel, down!

We’ve got some other guest musicians as well, so we’ll make sure to get on the list (click here) for a sneak peek.  That’s an order!

Got Cuba?

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Happy holidays,

Thats right, we are off to Cuba (GITMO) in support of our troops to headline a New Years eve BLOWOUT!… and guess what?.. A lucky, qualified drummer (and keyboard player as well), will get the chance to RAWK out with us for thousands of US service men and women in beautiful CUBA! So if you, or you know, a great drummer (and/or keyboard player) who:
1- Is over 18
2- Has a valid passport
3- Can submit a video of themselves playing (2) state of Man songs to our youtube channel by NOV28th

send them to the link below:

Dont forget to get our album for FREE

your friends,

John, James & Thomas

UPDATED: Who Wants To Go To Cuba? Win an all expense paid trip!

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That’s right – you read it correctly – THIS IS A REAL CONTEST where YOU can win trip with US Rock band, State of Man, to GTMO, CUBA this July, 2008. State of Man is heading back to Cuba for a 4th of July blow out celebration (July 1 – 5, 2008) to rock out for the US Military at Guantanamo Bay and is looking to take a lucky Street Team member with them for this once in a lifetime opportunity that includes:

Airfare (from NAS JAX to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba US Military Installation from July 1 – 5, 2008 and back
Meals (bring some money for a souvenirs, a few in-between meals, etc.)
Inclusion in an episode of State of Man TV
A Behind-the-scenes look at rock band reality in one of the worlds most incredible military bases
An Experience you’ll never forget!!!

Who is eligible?Only 18 and up street team members are eligible for this and you will travel as an official CREW MEMBER for State of Man. You must also have a valid US passport and be able to provide your own transportation to and from Jacksonville NAS on July 1st (early AM – exact time TBD) and July 5th from Jacksonville NAS. The trip will start July 1st with travel to Cuba from Jacksonville NAS. We will then stay in Cuba/ Guantanamo Bay naval base through July 5th with the return trip scheduled the morning of July 5th to return to Jacksonville NAS.

How do I become a street team member? EASIER THAN EVER BEFORE~ read on

If you are not already signed up for the street team you can do so by clicking the following banner and checking the “join street team” box
Once you are signed up for the Street team you will need to set up a FREE profile at Reverbnation. You can sign up for a FREE profile by clicking here: FREE Profile On ReverbNation it takes less than 3 minutes and gets you insider access to over 100,000 artists including State of Man! Once you have your profile set up follow the next steps listed below and you will be on your way!
REVERBNATION PROFILE NO LONGER REQUIRED (but if you’d like a profile, just set it up here: FREE Profile On ReverbNation )

1 – Next , visit State of Man’s RN profile at

2- Then, click on the “street team” tab

3- Next, click on the mission headline “who wants to…”

4- Then, click on the green button that says “join”

5- last but MOST important is that once you are joined, click on the text that reads “click here to get resource” (be sure to enable pop ups to get the relevant widget code). You can even combine this widget with others at to increase your impact! – just look on the widgets tab!

The street team member that gets the most legitimate fans sign ups by May 13th wins the contest, so once you have the code, you should post it anywhere that accepts html like Myspace comments pages, blogs, facebook, forums etc.! In the event the winner cannot provide proper identification (P.I.N info) and passport by the end of the day on May 13th they will forfeit their place to the runner up

We Look forward to sharing this trip of a lifetime with one lucky street team member..good luck and Thanks for the support all around… You RAWK

John, James, Chris & Thomas

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