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MTV show “The Challenge” Fresh Meat II episode licenses S.O.M track

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MTV’s latest Road rules hybrid (former road rules cast) show “The Challenge” places State of Man’s track, “I Have forgiven” in “fresh meat II” episode. “I Have Forgiven” can be found on the latest record, “In This Place” which can be found with brand new interviews and exclusive content ONLY here: BUY NOW. Check out the show and see the song listing here: “MTV show song listing”

MTV challenge

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Pi Kappa Alpha National fraternity licenses S.O.M songs

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National Fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, licenses multiple State of Man tracks from the latest record, In This Place, for a new recruitment video that has been published on their website and you tube. take a look at the video and let us know what you think. PI Kappa Alpha has the largest average number of members per chapter of any fraternity in the US and has alumni in all walks of life such as: Jeremy Piven, Bobby Bowden, Tim McGraw, Jon Stewart, Rick Dees, Harland Sanders (founder of KFC restaurant chain), Jeff Taylor (founder/CEO of and many, many more. Pick up your copy of the latest record, “In This Place” with brand new exclusive content and interviews here: ITP_NEW content

Swallow Your Fears taps worldwide exposure on NBC

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State of Man’s single “Swallow Your Fears” snagged worldwide exposure in February 2010 when it was chosen for a  US Winter Olympic figure skating promotion on NBC.  US skater Evan Lysacek was then competing to grab a  spot on the US olympic team and now heralds as the holder of the gold medal for the U.S.A Mens figure skating. The exciting 30 second spot featured Evan and U.S.A. skating duo Belbin & Agosto who were fan favorites throughout the winter games.  Grab your copy of “Swallow Your Fears” on via your favorite digital retailer and/ or through itunes . The music video for Swallow Your Fears can also be found on

S.O.M Selected to be Featured in Microsoft Music Marketing Campaign

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State of Man’s track “The First Time” is currently being featured in a Microsoft sponsored music marketing campaign. Thanks to Microsoft you can download this song for FREE for a limited time. So check it out and get your download on! (click banner below or link here: FREE DOWNLOAD)


PS~ dont forget to get your copy of the new record, “In This Place” now

GET NOW:  iTunes Runs Video Feature on “Swallow Your Fears”

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Entertainment site (4.2 million unique visitors a month) ran a video feature in the Entertainment news section featuring the video for S.O.M lead single “Swallow Your Fears”. Starpulse calls had the following to say about the track:

“The song is an epic arena-ready anthem that shows that these guys have big things in store for their future!”

Check out the full feature here: STARPULSE/ State of Man

Starpulse Feature for Video of "Swallow Your Fears"

Starpulse Feature for Video of "Swallow Your Fears"

“Swallow Your Fears” can be currently purchased on iTunes along with the new record “In This Place” by clicking here: iTunes link

The Wait is Over!

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It’s official, the latest full length album “In This Place” from State of Man is now available for purchase through digital retailer icons itunes and amazon along with a few others. The album is being distributed through Fontana/ Universal and will be available in physical/ cd format in stores June 30th.

In This Place

Be sure to get your copy now and stay tuned for updates regarding give-aways related to proof of purchase



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