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V-Log: Korean “Chicky Mama” Fish market!!

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Looking for a line on some hot, exotic sushi smashed together with Rock band wacky hi jinks??…well you came to the right place..This is the latest episode (#32) of “State of Man TV”.. Follow the guys as they travel the world, meet new and interesting people and get a little weirded out in the process!!!..don’t forget to download your Free copy of State of Man’s single “Swallow Your Fears” at

WE hope you enjoy the video and come back frequently as we chronicle the times and travels of the fellas in State of Man!!

Check out video through Billboard here: Billboard

Check out the guys on reverbnation here: ReverbNation


V-Log: State of Man TV Episode 1 – Poop on a bus

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In this first episode of State of Man TV, don’t miss:

  • an MTV Cribs style tour of the tour bus, hotel rooms and more
  • someone gets food poisoning
  • someone poops on the bus
  • the band performs a show in the “hood” and meets the “king of dade city”
  • enjoys an impromptu, camp-fire style jam session with Willie Joe, Lady X and others!

This and plenty more in this installment! Visit to keep up with the band!

The Video For “Swallow Your Fears”

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But first, here is what others are saying about “Swallow Your Fears” and the SOM album – Both Sides of the Story – the track is on:

“BEST CD I’ve ever received, and I’ve received thousands… More bang for the buck here than any CD I could name back 20 years… SIMPLY UNSTOPPABLE in its IMPACT”

– Douglas Newsom | Co-Founder & CEO, BBS

“From the moment I heard the single “Swallow Your Fears” I knew I had to get this album… I couldn’t imagine life without SOM now!”

– Rogue, Happy Customer | []

Hello world!

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Hello world! Welcome to the first entry in the “official” blog for Atlanta based rock group “State of Man”…This is where the members of the band will share their experiences, personal and collective triumphs as they travel the world and share their music with all they encounter…….There will be video posts, picture posts and many shared stories. We will start the blog with the Caribbean and Asian tour from early in 2007 and then continue through current!…. Pleae be sure to comment and tell us what you think!

Just for good measure for our first Blog post we thought we would announce that we are offering our #10 Billboard Hot 100 Single Sales Chart hit “Swallow Your Fears” for FREE Download!!! …No strings attached..we just want to share our music with the people who make what we do possible…YOU the fans… download here:

When you get to the reverbnation page just go to the music player, click on the “down” arrow next to “swallow Your fears” and Viola!


James, John, Chris & Thomas