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The Healing power of a Rock Band’s Music

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We’ve been tucked away and preparing for on onslaught of goodness for you, but we won’t pull the rabbit out the hat just yet.  Stay tuned b/c it will be worth it.

Right now, we wanted to share another one of our favorite fan feedback stories that emphasizes the healing power of music:

It’s Jen Wilson from Eastern! I had to share with you that I was introduced to your band from a client of mine. I work in the mental health field and do in home family therapy… my “connection” to this kid was our taste in music. I pretty much LOVE all genre’s. He shared with me awhile back some music he got off iTunes – and then this facebook craze occurred and I noticed your page, hence the band etc. What a small world!

So now I have been using State of Man’s lyrics in my Music and Movement group that I facilitate. I am the Director of an adult partial care program and we run therapeutic groups for adults that are mentally ill and have issues with substance abuse.

I just felt compelled to share that State of Man has fans in all “walks of life”. Keep doing what your doin’ – – -it’s phenomenal :)

Be well,

Pretty cool, huh?  If you’d like to share why you appreciate State of Man’s music, we’d love to hear form you.  Just go here and thanks in advance for your continued support!

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Got Cuba?

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Happy holidays,

Thats right, we are off to Cuba (GITMO) in support of our troops to headline a New Years eve BLOWOUT!… and guess what?.. A lucky, qualified drummer (and keyboard player as well), will get the chance to RAWK out with us for thousands of US service men and women in beautiful CUBA! So if you, or you know, a great drummer (and/or keyboard player) who:
1- Is over 18
2- Has a valid passport
3- Can submit a video of themselves playing (2) state of Man songs to our youtube channel by NOV28th

send them to the link below:

Dont forget to get our album for FREE

your friends,

John, James & Thomas

Front Page Feature on Vegas Radio Mix 94.1

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Vegas radio station Mix 94.1 recently invited lead singer John Stringer from State of Man to come out and perform acoustically for the staff. While John was there he was rcorded performing song “Bound in Chains” (off the forthcoming record “In This Place” digitally available May 19th). Click the link/ banner below to get to Mix 94.1 and see actual video below..enjoy and share with friends!


Music Choice to add State of Man into “test” rotation

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Music content provider “Music Choice” will be adding State of Man’s single “Swallow Your Fears” into a “test” rotation on their rock channel. Music Choice provides a wide array of music from multiple Genre’s to approximately 60 million households via local cable television providers. What makes Music Choice a unique user experience is the information, interviews and pics that they display while playing the artist’s song. Check out Music Choice “Rock” channel today to catch State of Man! (contact your local cable provider to order Music Choice if you don’t already have it). Click the banner below for details:

Music Choice

Music Choice

State of Man VIMBY interview at Atlantis & Eco Reality Showcase

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The State of Man concert experience is rarely captured on film, but Vimby did just that at State of Man’s last show at Center Stage in Atlanta, GA!  Turn off the lights, crank up the volume, and get ready for below…..

Check out this early VIMBY interview to see for yourself: State of Man on VIMBY

New S.O.M Mobile club through Universal Music Group

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We are excited to announce that State of Man has launched a new “official” mobile fan club through our partner Universal Music Group. Fans can sign up by texting “SOM” to 30303 to get all the latest news, ringtones and exclusive fan updates from State of Man. We hope to get all of the latest and greatest updates from the road, the record and band to the fans first through this club. Why wait?..get started today!


By entering your mobile number, you agree to receive SMS messages from Universal Music Group, our affiliates and partners and you are authorized to approve any applicable charges. Your carrier’s standard messaging rates apply. Not available on all carriers. For full details, including how to unsubscribe, go to

State of Man Radio Tour – Airport Blues

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Ahh yes the airport blues. Check out the latest episode of State of Man TV as Thomas and John find themselves missing a flight, catching a flight, changing gates and just generally singing their way to getting onto a joke..check it out

Dont forget to get your copy of the lead single “Swallow Your Fears” available now at your favorite digital retailer. Click here for more: DIGITAL SINGLE