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Mark Joyner Letter & New Purchasing option for those outside of US/Canada

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Now that “Swallow Your Fears” has become a part of the brand,  we couldn’t be more pleased that best selling author / thought leader / marketing sensei, Mark Joyner,  sent a great letter recently to members to pread the word about State of Man‘s latest album IN THIS PLACE.

You probably already know Mark is known as “The Godfather of Internet Marketing,” so  you can imagine the great response we’ve received from his hundreds of thousands of Simpleology members!  THANK YOU!

For those outside of the US and Canada who’ve had difficulty purchasing the album online to get all the great bonuses we’re offering,  here is a simple work-around:

You’ll receive nearly 30 State of Man tracks – some of which are unreleased and many are out-of-print and unavailable elsewhere. You’ll also get two interviews between Mark Joyner and State of Man front-man John Stringer!

Oh.. and even if you are not a Simpleology member (why aren’t you?  sign up – its life changing and FREE), you can still get in on the bonsues.  Enjoy!

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Swallow Your Fears taps worldwide exposure on NBC

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State of Man’s single “Swallow Your Fears” snagged worldwide exposure in February 2010 when it was chosen for a  US Winter Olympic figure skating promotion on NBC.  US skater Evan Lysacek was then competing to grab a  spot on the US olympic team and now heralds as the holder of the gold medal for the U.S.A Mens figure skating. The exciting 30 second spot featured Evan and U.S.A. skating duo Belbin & Agosto who were fan favorites throughout the winter games.  Grab your copy of “Swallow Your Fears” on via your favorite digital retailer and/ or through itunes . The music video for Swallow Your Fears can also be found on Runs Video Feature on “Swallow Your Fears”

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Entertainment site (4.2 million unique visitors a month) ran a video feature in the Entertainment news section featuring the video for S.O.M lead single “Swallow Your Fears”. Starpulse calls had the following to say about the track:

“The song is an epic arena-ready anthem that shows that these guys have big things in store for their future!”

Check out the full feature here: STARPULSE/ State of Man

Starpulse Feature for Video of "Swallow Your Fears"

Starpulse Feature for Video of "Swallow Your Fears"

“Swallow Your Fears” can be currently purchased on iTunes along with the new record “In This Place” by clicking here: iTunes link

Music Choice to add State of Man into “test” rotation

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Music content provider “Music Choice” will be adding State of Man’s single “Swallow Your Fears” into a “test” rotation on their rock channel. Music Choice provides a wide array of music from multiple Genre’s to approximately 60 million households via local cable television providers. What makes Music Choice a unique user experience is the information, interviews and pics that they display while playing the artist’s song. Check out Music Choice “Rock” channel today to catch State of Man! (contact your local cable provider to order Music Choice if you don’t already have it). Click the banner below for details:

Music Choice

Music Choice

“Swallow Your Fears” Fan Feedback – Got a story?

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We’ve received so many great emails on how our new single, “Swallow Your Fears,” and our other songs have helped others that we’ve decided to create a dedicated page on (c0ming soon) to share your stories.

Here is just one example that we hope you can appreciate as much as we do:

I don’t think I have ever truly expressed how much your music means to me. Its hard to put into words, I get choked up any time I think of just how much you’ve influenced my life. I think I would have given up on myself a long time ago if it weren’t for a signing you did at Montgomery’s Eastdale Mall back in 2006(ish?). I’d gone out of curiosity, and you convinced me to stay on for a show that night at one of the local bars. I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’ve always struggled a little with depression and I’m slow to put my trust in others, and though both are still a daily struggle, “Swallow Your Fears” has always given me the courage to continue moving forward.

I was floored when I listened to “We All Fall Down” for the first time tonight. I actually cried! Whenever I fall, music is what helps me pick myself up, brush myself off, and keep going. Yours is truly inspirational. Thank you for creating such beautiful songs; they have always helped me stay positive when I needed words of encouragement.

I’m always thinking of you guys and wishing you the best. Oysterfest was fun, I can’t wait ’til our paths cross again. I don’t care how far the drive, ya’ll are worth it! Its always a joy to see ya’ll.

Take care,


If you have a story to share, whether regarding “Swallow Your Fears” or another State of Man song, send it to us at som [at] and we may include it in the dedicated fan feedback page we’re working on.

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State of Man Behind the Scenes at Sophie 103.7 – San Diego

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First off, thanks again to all who voted for State of Man to keep them alive on San Diego radio station 103.7 Sophie for the Sophie challenge.  Thanks to San Diego listeners and S.O.M fans, S.O.M.’s single “Swallow Your Fears” won against several artists including Adele, Lily Allen, Matt Nathanson & Gavin Rossdale.  If you haven’t picked up your copy of the single yet, find out how here ().

If you’ve already seen the Sophie’s Lounge interview, you’ll appreciate the following State of Man TV episode’s behind the scenes footage – from the airport the after the interview – its all right here:

Star 94 (WSTR Atlanta) Exlusive Video: State of Man peforms “Yesterday” (Beatles) at Cindy & Ray interview

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Lots of people asked so here is the link of of the video of State of Man performing live at Star 94 Atlanta this week… click the banner below and then click on the purple box that says “ON DEMAND (audio/video)”.

State of Man performs three songs… one is a cover of The Beatles tune “Yesterday”..first time its ever been taped!… and an interview with Cindy & Ray: